8 Keys to Effective K-12 Electronic Record Management

  • Record keeping is complex and time-consuming work, involving compliance complexities and lost and damaged files caused by constant use and paper.  Printing and storage costs are hidden costs that keep rising.


    An electronic record management system focused on the unique needs K-12 schools and districts enables you to avoid these hassles and costs. Records are organized, updated, secure and readily available whenever you need in an electronic file cabinet.


    Here are the top eight things you need to know about K-12 electronic record management with YellowFolder.


    Access Anywhere, Anytime

    Your school documents are available anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection. Educators and administrators are no longer confined to the records room or a dedicated computer to access, share, edit, or create the records they need. School and district staff can get what they need more quickly and in a more organized manner than with physical documents in file cabinets or boxes.


    Saves Time and Energy

    Digging through endless folders and file cabinets searching for a single document, especially one that has been misplaced, is time-consuming, tedious and frustrating. In contrast, digital record systems consolidate all your documents in one location and provide digital tools to help your search, minimizing the time and effort to find the documents you need. Finding any record or document type through YellowFolder is as easy as running a Google search.


    Secured Data

    Data security is important, especially when it comes to student or staff member personal data. Paper files can easily end up in the wrong hands. Electronic records management protect all your files, allowing you to rest assured the data is safe. The YellowFolder system is secured with 256 Bit AES Encryption, 24x7x365 threat monitoring, Comodo 2048-bit SSL certificates, and world-class data centers in the United States.


    Free Up Space

    Say goodbye to those expensive filing cabinets and messy desks. The YellowFolder electronic records management system enables you to go truly paperless. YellowFolder eliminates on or off-site storage requirements and fees, venturing into dark rooms harboring runaway wildlife, and printing documents from your computer just so you can file them.  Schools reclaim the space occupied by file cabinets and convert that space into new classrooms, admin offices, or even staff lounge areas.


    Easy Maintenance

    Maintaining your files is simple with electronic record management. Automatic updating features make your files easy to maintain and you do not use white-out when editing a document. You can also purge files with an expiration date without overflowing your recycling bins.


    Stress-Free Backup Control

    Your data is automatically backed up with our backup controls, which saves time and stress if anything goes wrong with your physical or on-site electronic systems, such as a computer virus or equipment failure on-site. With your files up to date and backed up to the cloud, you can always recover your records in the event of a catastrophic event.


    Regulatory Compliance

    School and district records are subject to federal laws including FERPA and HIPAA, as well as myriad state laws and district policies.  An electronic records system like YellowFolder tracks document ages against legal requirements, assuring continued compliance audit documentation. 


    Data Recovery

    Natural and man-made disasters happen in the blink of an eye. Years of records and data can be gone in an instant from fires to floods to theft. Data recovery is a critical feature of electronic storage with YellowFolder, allowing you to recover all backed up files and data in real-time, so you are never at risk of losing critical documents.  


    Electronic management systems, such as YellowFolder, help you save the time, money, and space wasted on physical records management. YellowFolder is the only electronic record management system dedicated to exclusively serving the needs of K-12 schools and districts. Safely store, retrieve, and manage all of your documents from any internet-enabled device while automatically maintaining 100% compliance with FERPA and HIPAA. 

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