Yearly Archives: 2017

  • Storing Paper Records Actually Costs You Money

    Think your paper-based K-12 records management system is free? Think again! The cost of paper records far outweighs the costs associated with digital records. Let’s take a look at how much more you’re really paying for those paper records in comparison to using an electronic K-12 records management solution.


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  • Security 101 with YellowFolder

    At YellowFolder, security is our highest priority. We have invested in staffed,

    end-to-end, 24x7 threat monitoring to protect our IT assets and web application. Knowing this level of cyber security is in-place grants our clients the confidence their critical data is safe with YellowFolder. 

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  • Addressing the Massive Records Storage Problem at Your School

    Paper storage is an increasingly annoying, expensive, and inefficient way that many schools are still relying on when it comes to records management. 

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  • Education Document Management for K-12 Schools

    Remember way back when, when you would have to thumb through countless files to find a student's permanent record? Keeping everything up to date and in order was basically a full-time job, and if anything went missing... well, it rarely showed up again.


    That was the past. But is that still how your school operates?


    First of all, we feel for you — filing is not easy work. Second of all, it is time to switch to a digital school records management system!


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  • The trusted electronic records management system for more than 150 K-12 school districts.

    Many school districts are behind the times when it comes to school records management, and school employees do not even realize it! Bulky metal filing cabinets, tons of wasted paper and time spent filing and organizing by hand are tell-tale signs that you are in need of an electronic records management system like YellowFolder.


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