YellowFolder provides a cloud-based, digital file cabinet where your school system can safely store, retrieve and manage all of your employee records. 



Overview of using YellowFolder for your employee records

On-Line Access

Choosing YellowFolder for your employee records provides your school system with on-line access to the YellowFolder digital file cabinet for all of your employee records. You can maintain a personnel folder for every employee (active and archived) and store, retrieve and manage all of the documents in one place, safely in the cloud.


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Storing Records:

You can easily store all your employee records on the YellowFolder system.

  • You can transfer native digital records using the convenient "Print to YellowFolder" function built directly into your computer.

  • You can transfer native hard copy records by direct scan or using YellowFolder's uploading "droplet" (a simple app downloaded to your device)

  • YellowFolder quickly files documents in the correct folder based upon your prompts.

  • YellowFolder includes unlimited storage in its base price. Store as much as you like, for as long as you like, at no additional cost.

Retrieving Records:

Your staff can access and share employee records from any device, anytime, anywhere. See how easy it is to find documents in YellowFolder

  • Search for records by name, campus, meta-data, or a "google search" of the content of the document.

  • Share documents with other school personnel or with third parties (state officials, other schools, etc.) via 256-bit SSL encrypted files.

  • YellowFolder offers a user name account for all school personnel, allowing every user (limited and customized at your discretion) to have access to the school's YellowFolder system.

  • YellowFolder's system is cloud-based, meaning your staff can access the system from any Internet-enabled device.


Managing Records:

YellowFolder automatically manages the employee record from the day you create it until the day you destroy it pursuant to state retention regulations. Watch the following slides to see how it works.

  • YellowFolder tracks the history of all documents and allows your school to customize access. Four-Point Security Assurance.

  • YellowFolder automatically matriculates each student’s cumulative file, from grade to grade, campus-to-campus, all-the-while controlling and adjusting which teachers and administrators have access to the records.

  • YellowFolder allows your school system to establish retention rules for each document, and automatically tracks the retention (and potential destruction) of every document in every personnel file. Get the retention guidelines for your state.


Easy-to-Understand Pricing:

YellowFolder charges one low price for unlimited use of the YellowFolder system, determined on the number of active students in the school system. YellowFolder includes all archived employees for free. Learn more.


No Hardware - Free Updates:

YellowFolder is a web-based application (known as a software as a service).

This means the school system does not need to invest in any hardware to host YellowFolder, the school system does not need to invest in IT resources to manage YellowFolder, and the school always receives software updates (for free) as soon as YellowFolder releases them.


Software Demonstration:

YellowFolder would be happy to schedule a full software demonstration for your school system.

Schedule your personal demonstration. watch more software demonstration videos.



YellowFolder has school systems throughout the United States using its ER records module.

Hear testimonials from satisfied YellowFolder customers.

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Implementation, Training & Support

YellowFolder assigns a dedicated Paperless Nation Engineer to each school system utilizing its administrative records services. All Paperless Nation Engineers were once school administrators who are experts in helping you move to a paperless recordkeeping system. Watch this video for an indepth view of the "Next Steps" involved in YellowFolder implementation. 


The "Next Steps" involved in YellowFolder implementation

System Implementation:

The Paperless Nation Engineers will be available, digitally, to help you customize your school system's administrative folder structure, and will assist in integrating YellowFolder with your existing Human Resource information system for access control.

Paperless Processes & Training:

Your Paperless Nation Engineer will spend time with your district during your first year with YellowFolder, implementing paperless processes and training your staff to use the YellowFolder system.

  • Your Paperless Nation Engineer will help you develop processes and procedures to help your school system move away from paper-based administrative records. These include transferring forms to electronic format, changing printing habits, and implementing other best practices learned from hundreds of other ER records implementations around the country.

  • Your Paperless Nation Engineer will also train your staff on the YellowFolder system. For some staffers, YellowFolder is simple, and training only takes 30 minutes. For others, old habits are hard to break. YellowFolder will hold hands, provide comforting words, and sit with administrators one-on-one - whatever it takes to demonstrate the benefits of YellowFolder.

User Groups & Advisory Panels:

Each Paperless Nation Engineer also hosts a web-based user group on a quarterly basis to provide updates on software development, paperless processes and practices, and to seek input from school users on new features.


School Support:

Your staff will also have unlimited access to YellowFolder's school support hotline and web-based help tools. Computer systems can be frustrating. Help from YellowFolder is always just a click or call away.

Physical Student Record Conversion

Finally, YellowFoldercan also assist with converting your school’s existing employeerecords into digital format. Our world-class, FERPA & HIPAA certified conversion facility in Dallas, Texas is capable of handling the largest jobs quickly, inexpensively, accurately, and securely.


Conversion Timing:



Many school systems initially desire to scan and convert their existing records immediately. We often hear, "The first thing we want is to get rid of all this paper."


YellowFolder encourages a different approach.

Think of your paper problem like a leaky roof. If you don't patch the hole in the roof, emptying the bucket used to catch the water does little good. It will simply fill again. If your school doesn't learn to go paperless, your paper records will build right back up. YellowFolder encourages school systems to utilize the on-line system immediately for all new (or "Day Forward") records. Once your staff adopts the paperless methodology, the paper records stop growing. They freeze. Once that occurs, YellowFolder will pick up your existing records and convert them - once and for all. You can transition those existing file rooms to staff lounges, work spaces, etc.


Conversion Options:

YellowFolder offers school systems three options when converting its existing records for storage on the YellowFolder system.


  • Folder-Level Conversion

    YellowFolder will scan, convert and upload each existing, hard-copy cumulative folder as one pdf file, placing the entire contents in a sub-folder within the student’s cumulative folder, labled “Pre-YellowFolder documents”. Going forward, new documents added to the cumulative folder will be placed in unique folders (birth certificates will be placed in the “registration” folder, test scores will be placed in the “grades” folder, etc.). All pre-YellowFolder documents will be grouped together and can be searched using a “google search” of the contents. This is a very efficient and accurate methodology, and most schools find that it is the best option for existing, active SPED records.

  • Box-Level Conversion

    YellowFolder converts existing administrative records for storage on the YellowFolder system using box-level conversion. YellowFolder will scan, convert and upload an entire box of existing, hard-copy administrative records as one pdf file, placing the entire contents in a dedicated folder of archived records. These records can be searched using a "google search" of the contents. This is the most efficient methodology, and most schools find that it is the best option for existing, archived SPED records.

All-In-One Pricing:

YellowFolder charges one low price for each box of converted employee records. YellowFolder includes all the following services for each box:

Learn More About Pricing.
  • Temporary Retrieval Services of hard copy records (until digitized and uploaded);

  • Scanning, Coding, Indexing, & Uploading the digitized copies onto the YellowFolder system;

  • Temporary Storage of the hard copy records for 3 months following digitization;

  • Destruction of the hard copy records or return of the boxes to your campus (your option)